Specialist Fostering Consultancy

ClearlyHenderson consists of a team of highly skilled social work and fostering professionals.

ClearlyHenderson has one aim.  That aim is to enable fostering providers to become ‘outstanding’.  Previously, as fostering providers ourselves, we were recognised by Ofsted as providing an ‘outstanding’ fostering service. Clearly—you can also gain this recognition.

Our team can work with you in the following areas of practice, at a pace that suits the culture, priorities and financial resources of your agency.

Work with you to ensure Compliance with FSR & NMS 2011

Audit before an Ofsted Inspection

Independent reviewing officers

Agency Decision Maker service

    Learning and Development Training seminars for all staff and volunteers who work within fostering.

Independent Advice, Support & Mediation for Foster Carers

Panel training and development

Provision of  fostering panel members

Training for Form F assessors

Form F assessors

Quality Assurance  Matters

Compliance Audit

Supervision of Management, Staff and Foster Carers

Public Relations

We are acutely aware of the need for affordable and accessible, training, guidance, advice and support for fostering providers.

Legislation and Standards are in a constant state of flux. The inspection methodology of Ofsted is in a similar state of change with a regular change of emphasis being placed upon different aspects of a providers work. Commissioning Bodies are placing greater demands upon agencies.

The training, guidance, advice and support that a fostering provider requires to navigate the nuances and ambiguities brought about by change, has often, not been accessible in an affordable manner.

Clearly—Things have changed. By working in partnership with ClearlyHenderson, the training and support your fostering agency needs will be delivered in a manner that suits the culture, priorities and finances of your establishment.

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